Mercer Metals - Quality Policy

     Formed in 1975, Mercer Metals is a stocking distributor and value added processor of stainless, aluminum, carbon, alloy, nickel, and copper, as well as brass in tubing, pipe, sheet, plate, and bar, for all your metal needs spanning every industry. From the smallest order to specific mill run production, along with value added step processing, fabrication, and machining; Mercer Metals provides a quick response and competitive pricing with quality products and unparalleled service.

     Mercer Metals is committed to maintaining processes and systems based on the guidelines of ISO 9001:2008 to assure traceability of it products and performance of its services. Mercer Metals is dedicated to the quality of its products, services, and needs of its customers. The Strategic direction for Mercer Metals is based on the quality process, policies and procedures, and the continuance of this direction aided by the encouragement of the creative input of all of its employees.

      Customer service is the mission of Mercer Metals, which compels us to continually improve our quality, productivity, efficiency, and reliability, which carries over into our customers business. Although Mercer Metals is not currently ISO 9001:2008 certified the company has hired consultants to aid in the process of earning the ISO certification. Mercer Metals anticipates being fully prepared for its ISO audit by December 2011. Mercer Metals is committed to continuous improvement on every level of our business.

Industries Served

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Oil & Gas
Petro Chemical


Stainless Steel Nickel Custom Stainless & Nickel Tubing Valves & Fittings Aluminum
Carbon Steel Tubing Alloy Round Tubing Titanium Coils Additional Materials

Special Services


Mercer Metals specializing in the following fabrication services: Laser Cutting, Laser Tube Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, Forming & Welding. To learn more about how Mercer Metals can provide the right fabrication services for your next big job, contact a Mercer Metals representative today.


In addition to the fabrication services provided by Mercer Metals, the following machining services are available: Multi-Axis CNC Milling & Turning, Grinding, Gun Drilling, Boring, Straightening, Honing, of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Alloys, Bronze, Titanium, Inconel & More. Visit the Special Services page for more information.


Mercer Metals assists in manufacturing and production services by facilitating the following: Design Build Manufacturing, CAD Design, Production Drawings With 3D Modeling, Customer Prototype & Product Development, Reverse Engineering, Product Assembly, and much more. Find out how Mercer Metals can help with your manufacturing needs.

More Special Services...

In addition to all of the products and special services offered by Mercer Metals the following services are available upon request: Heat Treating, Laboratory Testing, Calculated Machine Sizes, Painting, Sourcing For Additional Products, Kitting, Powder Coating, Metal Finishing & More.

Technical Data & Specs

     Formulas and calculative tools are useful for determining materials for any job. Mercer Metals has compiled some essential tables and charts that should assist with any technical inquiry. The following tools are available now: Hardness Conversion Table for Carbon & Alloy Steel, How to Calculate Rough Tube Sizes, Recommended Clean Up for Machining Allowances, Camber Allowances, How to calculate Weight Per Foot, Barlows Formula, Specifications for Aluminum Products, Specifications for Stainless Steel Tubing, and Specifications for Alloy Tubing. Visit the Technical Data page for more detailed information.

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