Metal Fabrication


Manufacturers and OEM’s looking for metal fabricators in North Texas have a trusted source for the finest quality metal work in the region.
From single orders to large scale production work, Mercer Metals is the absolute best choice for any and all fabrication needs.

Precision Laser Cutting

The Trumpf Tru Laser 3030 Fiber boasts a 60″ x 120″ material capacity, and accompanied by the Trumpf LiftMaster Compact, automated production cutting is now part of the standard operation procedure at Mercer Metals.

ISO 9100 and AS9100 Certification

Mercer Metals’ quality management systems are ISO 9100 (2008) and AS9100 (Rev C) Certified to maintain working relationships across a wide array of industries and standards.

Welding Services

The Mercer Metals fabrication team provides spot on TIG & MIG welding services.

Technical Data

Formulas and calculative tools are useful for determining materials for almost any job.

Mercer Metals has compiled some essential tables and charts to assist with technical inquiries in quality metal fabrication & professional production.

Services Rendered by Mercer Metals

The Mercer Metals development team covers a wide range of services.

Dynamic Fabrication

Mercer Metals specializes in all types of fabrication services, from Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, Forming, Shearing to Welding. To learn more about how Mercer Metals provides the finest quality metal fabrication services, contact a Mercer Metals representative today.

Manufacturing & Development

Assisting in manufacturing and production services by facilitating Design Build Manufacturing, CAD Design, Production Drawings With 3D Modeling, Customer Prototype & Product Development, Reverse Engineering, Product Assembly, Mercer Metals can help with any manufacturing needs.

Machining & Processing

In addition to metal fabrication, Mercer Metals provides a wide range of precision machining services, such as Multi-Axis CNC Milling & Turning, Grinding, Gun Drilling, Boring, Straightening, Honing, of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Alloys, Bronze, Titanium, Inconel & More.

Mercer Metals Fabrication & Production Facility

Mercer Metals is a value added processor and precision metal fabricator of carbon, stainless, aluminum, alloy, nickel, copper and brass in sheet, plate, tubing, pipe and bar.  Mercer Metals is committed to on time delivery of quality products at competitive prices with unparalleled service.

Materials Fabricated by Mercer Metals

Mercer Metals is a quality fabricator of a wide range of metal commodities.

Carbon Steel Tubing Products from Mercer Metals
Stainless Steel Products from Mercer Metals
Nickel Products from Mercer Metals
Custom Stainless & Nickel Tubing Products from Mercer Metals
Aluminum Products from Mercer Metals
Coils and Coil Processing from Mercer Metals
Titanium Products from Mercer Metals
Alloy Round Tubing Products from Mercer Metals
Tubing, Pipe, Bar & Shapes from Mercer Metals
Valves & Fittings from Mercer Metals
Plastics Fabricated by Mercer Metals
Additional Products from Mercer Metals

In House Processing Equipment

In addition to Mercer Metal’s experienced team of fabricators and machining specialists, this current list of state of the art equipment is utilized in the production of high quality metal works. Schedule a tour of the Mercer Metals facility or contact a friendly representative today to learn more.

Fiber Laser

Trumpf Tru Laser 3030 Fiber (60″ X 120″)

Trumpf LiftMaster Compact

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Messer (120″ X 288″)

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Press Brakes

Accupress 12′ 250 Ton
Accupress 5′ 60 Ton
Standard 12′ 200 Ton
Toyokoki 3′ 36 Ton
Toyokoki (2) 2′ 24 Ton
Cincinnati 100 Ton
Wysong 120 Ton

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CNC Machining

HAAS Lathe, TL1
HAAS Mill, DT1

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Wire EDM

Wire EDM MD Pro 2 (12.5 X 9.5 X 8.5)

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TIG & MIG Welding

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Omax 55100 (55″ X 100″ Travel)

Omax 80160 (80″ X 160″ Travel)

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Wysong 12 GA x 48″
Cincinnati 1/4″ x 120″

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Punch Presses

Standard MFG Inc. (2) 200 Ton Hydraulic
Standard MFG Inc. 100 Ton Hydraulic
Standard MFG Inc. 40 Ton Hydraulic

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Multicam 7000 Series CNC Router

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Tube Bending

Transfluid DB 2060 K
400 VS Tube Notcher
Huth 1673 Swager

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Production Cutting

Jupiter Production Saw
Doall Model BP2
Marvel Band Saw 8-Mark-II
FMB Band Saw

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Iron Workers

Geka Iron Worker
Piranha 20 Auto Gauge CNC

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